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000714xShunterPlug-in: Rulespublic2011-07-04 21:052011-11-01 18:40
Assigned ToxOR 
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Product Versionv0.1 
Target Versionv0.2Fixed in Versionv0.2 
Summary000714: !rules <keyword> and/or !rules <number> commands
DescriptionThe command "!rules <number>" takes the text of each rule number. That's why i consider important the rules have the same number every place they're displayed.

The command "!rules <keyword>" brings the rule where the subject (keyword) is mentioned. Possible keywords (if possible the "or"'s can be "and"'s). I suggest the use of singular in each, e.g. city instead cities):
!rules openttd or !rules multiplayer --ยป send the link to official multiplayer rules, http://wiki.openttd.org/Multiplayer_Rules [^]
!rules competition
!rules satellites or !rules stations
!rules load or !rules unload
!rules reserving or !rules blocking
!rules town or !rules city
!rules crossing
!rules language
!rules land
!rules player
!rules rules (personally i like this one :D - for Exploiting and Ignorance)
Additional Informationsuggestion for text when !rules typed (according http://wiki.x-base.org/wakka.php?wakka=OpenTTD/Rules [^] order):
#1 OpenTTD Official Multiplayer Rules apply to n-ice servers.
#2 Competition is ALLOWED and welcome.
#3 Satellite stations are NOT allowed (includes increasing the coverage area-station/town rating or decreasing the distance). -- can be removed text between ()
#4 Only one loading and one unloading station per industry is allowed for each company.
#5 Reserving land/Blocking (active or passive) is fully FORBIDDEN.
000006 Don't destroy towns/cities (only to get room for your station is allowed).
000007 Crossings between tracks and roads are handled as first come, first served (rails have a higher priority than roads).
000008 Main language is English (moderate Offensive language and Advertisement. Racism is forbidden).
000009 No unnecessary land modifications.
#10 Only one connection per player.
000011 Exploiting NOT allowed. Ignorance is no excuse (for all subjects).
..:: Read more in http://www.n-ice.org/openttd/ [^] ::..
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xOR (administrator)
2011-08-19 00:20
edited on: 2011-08-19 00:20

should be realized as a plug-in

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xOR (administrator)
2011-11-01 18:40


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