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000766xShunterPlug-in systempublic2011-12-23 02:052011-12-23 02:06
Assigned ToxOR 
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Product Versionv0.1 
Target Versionv0.2Fixed in Versionv0.2 
Summary000766: Remove separation of precompiled and cache folder
DescriptionThe separation between the precompiled folder and the cache folder causes problems on older versions of Mono, because plug-ins in the cache folder referencing plug-ins in the cache folder that again reference plug-ins on the precompiled folder will fail to load.

This is Mono specific, it's working fine on .NET Framework 2.0 - however, xShunter should work equally well on all frameworks so the best solution would be to change the system so that it will work either way. Both precompiled files and cached files should be put into the same folder to solve the problem.
In order to prevent file locking issues on Windows it must be made sure that shadow copying is used.

After the change there will no longer be a "cache" or "precompiled" directory. Instead there will be a "bin" directory holding both types of files and a "shadow" directory where the shadow copies are stored.
Additional InformationThe situation e.g. on Mono 2.6.7 is:
WORKS: cached plug-in ----using----> cached plug-in
WORKS: cached plug-in ----using----> precompiled plug-in
FAILS: cached plug-in ----using----> cached plug-in ----using----> precompiled plug-in

Mono will report that the precompiled assembly referenced by the 2. cached plug-in cannot be found - the exception message shows that Mono is searching this plug-in in the cache directory although xShunter explicitely references to the precompiled directory.
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2011-12-23 02:06


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